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Board of Directors


Chris aka Telecon

Telecon has been involved in the infosec community since around DEFCON IV. He now prefers anything BSides to DEFCON. He works as an "sre" for a Boulder, CO startup and relaxes by working on non-profits, including BSides DEN, BSidesLV, TinkerMill, and the Center for Genocide Research and education. He likes Linux, and thinks you should get off his lawn.


Director at Large

Charlotte Chance

Charlotte Chance is extremely fortunate in her previous roles, each building on the prior. She is a Chief of Staff for an advisory firm specializing in Information Security. Previously, she ran business operations for an open-source startup offering MDM services for MAC, Windows, and Linux. Her experiences include building the operating frameworks for the home office and VC startups of high-net-worth tech executives. She has unique skills with color theory, is a tinkering homeowner, and is an avid hiker.

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I’ve been doing development, security, hacking and technology before DEF CON was a gleam in Dark Tangent’s eye. (And yes, I’ve hacked mainframes.) I break into systems and and secure systems, often the same ones. I’ve written code with security holes and written code to find security holes. My day job is to secure systems that are broken into by people who have incentive, time and money but are owned by people who don’t have money, managed by people who would rather security didn’t exist, written by developers who have impossible deadlines and run by teams who are juggling hundreds of other programs.




Ian has accumulated over 13 years of experience in Information Technology spanning numerous roles from helpdesk to security management. He is interested in how people intersect with information security, privacy, freedom, and access. Ian enjoys building stuff, tearing things apart, and throwing time down rabbit holes.

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Director at Large


Andi has been in IT and cybersecurity for nearly 20 years now, beginning as desktop support and sysadmin, moving up through IT Management. She is now in security leadership, specializing in building programs from the ground up and ensuring that teams stay on track with their eye on the roadmap. She likes finding novel solutions to tough problems and has an affinity for funky chicken decor and metal yard animals.

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Director at Large


Ray has 30 years of experience in the Information Technology arena from humble beginnings as a Unix System Administrator, then as a road warrior technical consultant for system and network management and automation solutions worldwide, and finally overseeing support, sales, consulting and development groups in technical manager and executive roles.  He currently does all he can to avoid slipping further into any executive or management level employment in order to stay where he is happiest; with fingers on the keyboard remaining as technical as possible. 

Ray has worked across the infosec world from the beginning (back when sysadmins still did that), and has worked as lead architect and developer on an intrusion prevention platform, and has managed security audits in corporate environments.  Outside of work, Ray can be found still working on work, custom designing IoT devices and operating his Saw Mill.


Director at Large

Brian Prendergast

Brian is an experienced cybersecurity specialist who leads and supports a wide variety of digital forensic and incident response engagements across multiple industries. During his career, he has worked at Colorado-based security firms where he has had the good fortune of working with many of the wonderful people that make up the talented security community here in Colorado. His technical insight and problem solving skills have assisted clients with various engagements including corporate penetration tests, large-scale incident response, complex eDiscovery matters, and postmortem forensic analysis on various types of digital media. He also specializes in the investigation, enhancement, and authentication of audio, video, and photographic media.

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