Being paranoid isn't a problem. It's a profession, and "Suspicious Mind" is on her resume. 
Angel I. has 10+ years of Information Technology experience under her belt, with at least half of those directly involved in some aspect or another of InfoSec. She also has a CISSP, a BS in ITSec, and an AA in Networking, along with more miscellaneous certifications than are probably worth mentioning. She's a two-time presenter DEFCON Skytalks on Artificial Intelligence, a volunteer for Skytalks since 2014 and a current board member. She's a supporter of BSides Las Vegas, and been volunteering with BSides Denver since 2015.

A firm security enthusiast and proponent, she believes that security is everyone's job, not just those red-shirt fellows. She invites everyone to cultivate a little paranoia, and advises that everyone stay vigilant about protecting not only your company information, but also your personal and private data. All the time, every day, online and off - So many folks are out there ready to Hack All The Things, and unlike our community, a lot of them don't have your best interests in mind.

PJ has spent 15 years in the trenches of info sec and compliance for private and government organizations. He has been actively involved in BSides since the very beginning of both the Las Vegas and Denver events. In keeping with the hacker mindset, he enjoys breaking things to see how they work and putting them back together. Over the past few years he has produced the podcasts Exotic Liability and InfoSec Hot Button. PJ enjoys walks not on the beach, cycling, weird computers and occasionally thinking about eating vegetables.



Jeff 'Jaffo' Pettorino is a recovering professional InfoSec practitioner who refuses to acknowledge the fad that labels everything "Cyber" - he is in fact old enough to know what 'cyber' really means, from back in the V.44 days.

His career has taken many twists; early on he was a public servant (L.E.O.), and has since provide infosec skill and capability for Fortune 500 companies, the US ARMY, the USAFA, and various private industry and DoD contract organizations.

He loves free software and is an Enterprise Linux nerd. His gamer tag hints at to his advancing age: upon acquiring his first hardware graphics accelerator, he started using the gamertag JaffoGLIDE. R.I.P. 3Dfx. He likes to wear booney hats indoors and pretends to work by sitting at the local EFF booth. His favorite color is multicam.

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Beck (blither) has spent over a decade in tech/infosec, working her way up from technical support to leadership, and is currently the Sorceress of Scans and a twice-awarded Director of the CoalfireOne Scanning Services team within the Labs practice at Coalfire. Prior to Coalfire, she monitored internal environments for global financial firms, and wrote and deployed code for internal Prod/DR/UAT/QA/Dev environments and managed internal endpoints in order to lead internal scanning efforts for a major payments processing company; internal environment protection has been a theme throughout her technical career. She helped found Coalfire's RISE diversity and inclusion group and has published blogs and opinion pieces for Coalfire. She has spoken at Hexacon, RMISC, a women-in-tech panel for a local Denver female tech organization, at the PCI SSC European Community Meeting in 2019, and has been interviewed on Colorado=Security, Enterprise Security Weekly, and CoalCast in regards to scanning, blue-team efforts, and making the world a safer and better place through effectively implementing cyber security practices.

In her so-called spare time, she races go karts (LO206 lites), sits on the Colorado Karting Tour's BoD, doodles, reads, messes around on bass and trumpet, builds and fixes things, travels, and enjoys spending time with her two young sons. She also has her private pilot's license, and enjoys motorcycling and distance running.


I’ve been doing development, security, hacking and technology before DEF CON was a gleam in Dark Tangent’s eye. (And yes, I’ve hacked mainframes.) I break into systems and and secure systems, often the same ones. I’ve written code with security holes and written code to find security holes. My day job is to secure systems that are broken into by people who have incentive, time and money but are owned by people who don’t have money, managed by people who would rather security didn’t exist, written by developers who have impossible deadlines and run by teams who are juggling hundreds of other programs.


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Ian 'IK' K has close to 10 years of experience in Information Technology spanning numerous roles from helpdesk to security engineering. He is interested in how people understand the relationships between security, privacy, freedom, and access. Ian enjoys building stuff, tearing things apart, and throwing time down rabbit holes.