Help make BSides Denver 2020 awesome! We are going virtual this year and would like your help in making this happen.

New year, new crew, new things!
What you should know:

** All attendance this year will be via pre-registration **






$0.00 Still 100%, absolutely, unequivocally free.



Open until August 15


Registration - Coming Soon

This is very important so we are going to say it again:

** All attendance this year will be via pre-registration **




This year, much smaller! Why? We want to work on getting back to our roots. Conversations. Interactions between speakers and audiences. The chance to make lasting connections instead of being overwhelmed by meeting hundreds of people who's names you won't remember by the end of the day. We're still about InfoSec Education, rest assured that will never change, but in the past trying to gather enough quality content to fill the number of presentation hours we had proved to be a challenge. We did our best, but there's only so much you can gather for a local conference, and we'd rather have quality than quantity. There are lots of 'big' conferences. We're a small one.


Other things

Lots of stuff is still in flux. But no matter what, we plan to have BSides Denver with quality content, informative conversations among Security enthusiasts, and a good time had by all. We hope you can understand and will still love us!

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